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It would appear there is a movement afoot for an international body to assume control of agricultural commodities, both the physical commodity and the financial speculative derivative pricing. 


Farm Ministers belonging to the G20 will meet in Paris next week to consider a proposal to "control food commodity speculation by adopting stricter regulations for food derivatives markets".


The Ministers will propose "the G20 would share market information through a database ....to be housed within the Rome-based United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)."


It goes on to state that food production should be monitored better through satellite data collected by a central agency.


This brings up an important privacy issue that was raised a few years ago by some Ontario farmers. 


It was reported that the Ontario Wheat Board shared private information about their members with a data collection agency a few years ago without the knowledge or consent of the producers. 


There are other agencies, with the blessings of government,  that collect and monitor vital information about production of which farmers are giving freely today under the guise of "traceability".


If Mr. Ritz agrees to allow the an arm of the U.N. monitor agricultural production in Canada and enforce pricing controls of such products, will Mr. Ritz also agree to a legitimate Cost Of Production program when pricing falls short?  Will Mr. Ritz honour the Farm Protection Income Act to its true intent?


Grain shortage receipts are currently protected under the Canadian Bank Act as those receipts are deemed as a form of currency. Will Mr. Ritz ensure that the financial privacy of Canadian farmers, and their families, will be protected from international data collection agencies? Please keep in mind there is a proposal to harmonize and centralize all Canadian securities and that includes farmer's grain elevator receipts.


Will there be any form of privacy left for Canadian farm families if the G20 moves forward with the proposed monitoring? 


Will the CWB need to be dismantled to fulfill the wishes of the G20 in regards to world grain marketing controls?



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