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Here's a story that is against supply-management in an effort to get a trade deal with Europe.


Whether you are for or against SM - you've got to admit some of these facts are a little off. Here's the most obvious to me...

"European farmers generally not receive subsidies for the production of food, and provincial supply-management programs, which mainly apply only to dairy, would be seen as an unfair competitive advantage."

While they may not get subsidies directly tied to the production of food - they are still get well paid by the governments just to be on rural land. Plus - as far as I know SM isn't mainly with dairy - but also poultry and eggs. If the Globe is going to weigh into this debate - I just wish they'd get it right.

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After reading the comments it all comes down to this: the urban media wants to treat farmers as second class citizens. They want food for nothing since it is their given right to have access to cheap food.
Comment: "For many years the Milk and Dairy group have kept the Prices up and treated Canadian Consumers unfairly!"
It is shameful that the media can state fiction as fact and we can not turn around and sue them in court as slander. The Ontario dairy producer is not given his cost of production when reporting the price of milk. It is my understanding the price that the dairy farmer in Ontario receives covers the cost of production for only 50% of the dairy producers. So another 50% are producing milk at less than cost and once again the consumer is using, yes "using", the farmer as a slave to society.
When an auto worker in Ontario is making $35 per hour and increasing production under a non-unionized environment (Toyota) producing a product that is non-essential, why does media continue to slander farmers who produce an essential product?
Then again - if you are reading this you already feel the pain.
posted at globe and mail under the article Andrew offered the link to:

Please explain to me why farmers continue to be rated as second class citizens who are not paid for their time and work completed to provide a basic necessity for society to exist?
Also - Dairy is just one component of the Supply Managed (SM) commodities in Canada. Poultry and eggs are also under SM.
As for dairy farmers getting paid for their cost of production - false. The price paid to the dairy farmer in Ontario is a price to cover only 50% of the dairy farms cost of production. So that means that the other 50% are producing their milk at a loss.
So when the farmers (beef, pork, grain, fruits & vegetable and 50% of the dairy farmers) are producing their product at a loss, in a society where a non-unionized auto worker (Toyota) is making $35 per hour, someone explain to me why we even have food produced in this country?
On Sept. 16th in Belguim, a group of dairy farmers dumped between 3 and 4 million litres of milk protesting the lack of returns for their milk. France, Germany, Britain - all the same including the US dairy farmer.
So please - urban media included - explain to me as a young beginning farmer why I should even tempt to go into this industry when the four food groups that the Canada Food Guide recommends are losing money - ie. not paid for their labour.
This article does nothing but fuel the fire for people who want farmers to toil the land and not get paid.

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