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The federal government is closing the prison farm at Frontenac. The dairy herd has been moved out.


Public Safety Minister Vic Toews is quoted as saying "It's not a productive use of the convicts that are incarcerated for a period of time


May I ask what would be productive use of convicts?  Audit specialists maybe?


Our responsibility is to provide appropriate training and jobs skills so that they can be reintegrated in a wholesome fashion in society at large."


Are you saying agricultural training is inappropriate and not wholesome?  Ouch!


"My responsibility as public safety minister is to ensure that individuals who are in our facilities receive training that is appropriate, receive skills that are appropriate to
the environment they will be returning to
," Toews said.


Mr. Stockwell Day is “alarmed” at the increase of “unreported crimes”.  If providing life skills on a farm is inappropriate for convicts, should the government be training convicts for much needed policing?  Would that be appropriate to the environment they are returning to?  (asking facetiously)

Yes, it really goes a long way in showing how little respect the government has for farming.

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Here is a news story where some NFU members protested the closing.


has the protest group thought of getting a petition in vic toews own riding especially amongst farmers. the prison closing is anti agriculture and just stupid public policy. It is just a way to get a fund of dolars to pay for all the new prisoners the stupid new prison "reforms " which will help train criminals rather than rehabilitate criminals. the fact that prison farmers are not going to get jobs on farms when they are released has nothing to do with the success of the program as it is about making a good citizen. face it Vic farming produces good citizens. just ask you farming constituents
Vic Toews is right, they should receive skills that are appropriate to the environment they will be returning to. How to do houses over, steal cars and grow dope, these are the skills these people need and to improve in so they don't get caught next time.

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