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There is a movement afoot whereby numerous indigenous peoples throughout this continent are pursuing an avenue that questions the very basis of the Crown's right to "lay claim" to lands in North America. 

The Papal Bull "Romanus Pontifex" passed by Pope Nicholas V on Jan. 8,1455 and then the Papal Bull "Inter Caetera" passed by Pope Alexander VI on May 4, 1493 are the foundational laws that allowed the Crown to lay claim to new found lands in North America. 

It should be noted that Pope Paul III, as head of the Church, passed a Papal Bull on June 2, 1537 the "Sublimis Deus", that revoked the previous Papal Bulls.   Interestingly, King Henry VIII, as head of the Church of England accepted the papal bulls of 1455 and 1493 but did not accept the bull of 1537.

These old canon laws are now being challenged.  Much land in Ontario/Canada has been treatied, but there are many areas that have never been treatied.  Is the GreenBelt around the GTA all treatied?

One other note found in the book, The Conquest of Canada by George Warburton, 1848. The author writes about copper mines 300 miles of Sault Ste. Marie that were examined around 1720.  The copper mines appeared to very ancient from the evidence left behind.  The only clues the writer gives to the age of the mines is that the Chippawa Indians said "the work was never done by Indians".

I wonder what the implications of the challenge will be?


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