Manure Mondays 2023 Online Webinar Series

Manure Mondays is a webinar series that continues where the Manure Expo left off and provides the opportunity to share new technology and information about managing manure. A series of educational sessions will be presented by OMAFRA and NAME (North American Manure Expo). Registration is free and includes access to all sessions.

Sessions will run Mondays March 20th, 2022 from 2 – 3 pm (ET)

Please note that all webinar events will be recorded.

Topics below could be rescheduled based on speaker availability

Jan 30 - (2 pm-3 pm) Impact of Management Decisions on GHG Emissions

James Dyck (OMAFRA) will unravel the components of greenhouse gases in agriculture, with a focus on livestock and manure. James will demonstrate how the AgriSuite GHG calculator can help producers compare the impact of management practices in reducing emissions.

Feb 6 - (2pm – 3pm) Virtual Manure Tour

Sponsored by OPACA/Farm & Food Care this webinar will follow-up from a video series produced to highlight handling manure on the farm in today’s world. Intended as an interactive session, a panel will discuss with participants the benefits, challenges and technology or information gaps in making the most from manure (webinar will extend beyond 3 pm)

Feb 13 - (2pm-3pm) Managing Weed Seeds in Manure

Chryseis Modderman (UMN), Stephanie Kulesze (NCSU), Mike Cowbrough (OMAFRA)

Weeds love manure but there are strategies that reduce viable weed seeds in manure. The experts will discus what works (and what doesn't).

Feb 20 – Family Day holiday

Feb 27 - (2pm-3pm) Closing the Loop for Value Added from Manure

Vince Herbruck –Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch

Technology and innovation at the Herbruck’s poultry facility in Michigan and new egg production farm in Pennsylvania uses in-barn innovation to transform poultry litter into a value-added pelleted organic fertilizer.

Mar 6 - (2pm – 3pm) From barn to field and back again

More on Composting Bedded pack barns (speakers to be confirmed)

This webinar will focus on questions around field application of compost from bedded pack barns and how to maximize nutrient and soil heath benefits.

Mar 13 - (2pm-3pm) Biosecurity for disease prevention

Al Dam (OMAFRA), Susan Fitzgerald (Fitzgerald & Co)

Avian influenza, Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea, African Swine Fever are some of the diseases that can devastate livestock production. Al and Susan will discuss disease transmission (including from manure), prevention and biosecurity for livestock producers, industry and consultants

Mar 20 - (2pm – 3pm) Answering the Top 10 Manure Questions

You pose the questions by Feb 1 (send questions to and we’ll try to find answers

Time: March 20, 2023 from 2pm to 3pm

Location: Online

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