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  • Wayne Black

    Found a bug on my tree - check the photos and see if you know what it is.
  • Blair Andrews

    Thanks for the comment.
    The trailer is a mobile kitchen that will promote Ontario-grown food at various events.
    The idea is to give people a chance to taste the foods like Ontario Corn Fed Beef, so they can then know what to look for at the store. More details are available on my blog at farmconnection.wordpress.com
  • Wayne Black

    Got an email about one of our new young Board of Directors. His 6 year old son passed away on Monday. What a sad email. It is never a great time for a death - especially someone's child who never got the pleasure out of enjoying life to the fullest.
    Dear to my heart is one of the suggested places to donate: the Thames Valley Children's Centre.
  • Christie Lefebvre

    Thanks, Wayne! It's a painting.
  • John Schwartzentruber

    Wayne, it was for that reason indeed that I used that name on another forum. The fire is getting low!!
  • Jennifer L. Black

    Letting you know that somebody's thinking of you! - Shhhh! It's a secret!
  • Steve Twynstra

    I hear yah! Too many crawling in after midnight these past few days.....last field of soys to take off tomorrow....today was a waste with the "trace" of rain this am!
  • Joe Dales