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  • GJAcommunications

    Thanks we're happy to be here and look forward to sharing all the great conversation.

    Thank you!

    looking forward to graduating from St.Clair College at end of April '11 and becoming employed in expanding greenhouse industry in Leamington.

  • Richard Edmonds

    Thank you.  I am looking forward to the inter-action here at OntAG.  I am anxious to start some discussion regarding on-site ethanol production on Farms using farm waste.
  • Ian Richardson

    Glad to be connected to the OntAG site. Looking forward to keeping up, and hope to be able to share some of the great work we're doing, especially in livestock.
  • Rick H.

    Thanks for the welcome Sandy. I'm here to learn more about Ontario agriculture and farming and maybe lend some insight into new tech for soil management.
  • Mike Furlong

    Thanks for your help


  • Mary Thring

    Thanks for the welcome.  We're enjoying developing our social media platforms.  Would you be willing to list us in your "Farmers and Agriculture in Ontario"?  We're @UofGuelphOAC
  • Wayne Black