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Do any of you use gps to plow? We don't plow but many area famers do. I'm just curious as to how well the GPS works with plowing.

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Generally gps is only needed for striking out when plowing and not a real huge benefit since a wheel in the furrow will usually steer the tractor on its own

Thanks Paul,

Good point.

I like reading your articles.



As i agrere with paul in most cases, that most guys are using autosteer to strike out. I am / have growers who plow with autosteer.  Typlically its on larger plows where the tractor is always on flat ground, This is because plow/ tractor setup is more simplified. 

Tyipically growers dont understand that the Roll and Yaw Compensation in the Autosteer throws off the tractor when 1 set of wheels are running in a Plow furrow.  This when setup correctly can be very easilly compensated for in the Setup of the system.  There are a few things you can do.

Changing the antenna Height on a Plow to 0" or half of your Tractors height allows some tilt compensation but eleviates the over agressiveness of that tilt reducing its impact on your plow furrow roll.

Its a number that you need to change and play with a little but its easily accomplished.  Keep in mind it needs to be changed back for normal field applications. It works very well and saves a pile of time in the field. 

There are a number of other things that you can do currently.


We are working on a kit right now for a variable width plow so that it increase and decreases the width based on the guidance of the plow.   Using implement Steering like TrueTracker.


Thanks Jordan,

That make good sense.

I appreciate the knowledge.


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