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My name is Greg Edwards.  One of my hobbies is field hunting for Canada Geese,  I am hoping to connect with landowners who would allow goose hunting.


I am a professional accountant by trade.  All game goes to feed my family of three children.  I am not a guide, I usually only hunt with one other person, my father.  I am extremely respectful of property and restrictions in respect of hunting.


I live in Oshawa, Ontario and used to hunt in Durham Region until the 407 came through and bought out many of the places where I had permission.  The Ministry of Transportation does not allow any hunting.


I routinely travel north to the Lindsay area and North East to the Peterborough area to hunt.   Any place within a 75-90 minute drive of Oshawa would be fine.


I historically have compensated landowners with my time (i.e. some labour), a gift of some processed meat, or alternatively a gift certificate to a local restaurant.  I would think that a reasonable arrangement can be arrived at.


Please contact me at: gregsarahdavis@rogers.com or 905 728 7033 and we can go from there. 


Thank you very much for your time.

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I just thought I would 'bump' this up to the top.   Still looking for opportunities to hunt.  Thanks. 

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