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Canadian Pork Council Pleased with Government Support....Are You?

CPC Pleased With Government Support.

CPC news release

Ottawa, ON – Canadian pork producers are pleased to see the federal government’s commitment to the hog industry through the launch of three key programs.

The three programs aim to provide immediate help to producers. The first program will address the liquidity crisis by providing loans to those businesses that still have an opportunity to survive. The second program will help those who need to exit the business through an orderly transition program.

“The impact of the world pandemic caused by the H1N1 virus has delayed the prospects for price recovery in hog markets. This is the latest blow to an industry that has faced serious challenges over the past few years, including high feed costs, high exchange rates and US public policies,” says Jurgen Preugschas, Chair of the Canadian Pork Council (CPC). “The industry has responded through dramatic re-structuring and a commitment to a Strategic Transition Plan. Today, the government is lending a hand.”

The International Pork Marketing Fund, the third program, will build a strong foundation for the future of the industry by helping to drive demand for Canadian hog and pork products with Canada’s international trading partners.

“CPC will continue to work closely with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and will continue to respect our working relationships with the international community,” says Preugschas. “As the transition plan is implemented, a leaner, greener and more innovative industry will emerge – one that is prepared to capitalize on both domestic and international opportunities.”
The CPC serves as the national voice for hog producers in Canada. A federation of nine provincial pork industry associations, our organization’s purpose is to play a leadership role in achieving and maintaining a dynamic and prosperous Canadian pork sector.

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