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Does anyone have a favorite charts site that they would recommend? I like the charts on this site for short term movements but have difficulty finding good yearly charts that go back 20 or more years.

I have seen some that go as far back as the sixties but am unable to locate them now.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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Hey John,

Moores Research is a good spot to find long term seasonal charts. If you are looking for a specific chart and can't find it let me know.


Mike McFarlane
Farms.com Risk Management
Excellent. Thanks Mike.
Hi John:
If you only need a couple of charts for your analysis....let us know which ones you want and I will send you a copy.
Take care and have a safe harvest.
Joe Dales
Joe, the link that Mike supplied contained everything I was looking for. Thank you for your offer.

And also, sorry to have missed you at the Farm Show on Thursday!

If there are some technical analysts out there, what do you make of the pattern on the yearly Live Cattle chart as shown in this link?

Hello John. I use QTPlus and they do have paltform for farmers I pay US $3,000/year but I also use MRCI for US $250/year for long-term charts as well. I hope this helps. I run a company called Farms.com Risk Management its a division of Farms.com and we are all about helping producers across North America do a better job of marketing. Please visit our website at http://riskmanagement.farms.com for details to all our Marketing Programs you can also join an 8-week subscription trial for free. Try it it might help you find those charts you are looking for we use them all the time when advising our clients and include them as part of our marketing programs.

Have a great day!


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