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Comments on the Implementation of the Animal Care Program.

CFO Introduces Animal Care Program.

From the CFO website.

Program supported by the Canadian
Federation of Humane Societies and the
Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.

We are pleased to announce that beginning in January
2010, Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) will begin
implementing the Animal Care Program (ACP). The
Animal Care Program gives Ontario’s chicken farmers
the opportunity to demonstrate the level of care they
show to chickens on the farm and the consideration
they give to providing optimal conditions for the health
and well being of their chickens. Consumer interest in
animal production continues to grow and the Animal
Care Program is yet another opportunity to ensure
consumers can be confident in the farming practices
used by Ontario chicken farmers.

Is this going to be a straightforward implementation for everyone?

What challenges to you see and how will you manage them?

The Farms.com Team

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