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Good evening all,

I am looking for landowner permission to hunt Coyotes about one hour travel around the Guelph area.

I am a mature, licenced, insured and seasoned hunter; discreet and respectful of property, livestock and business hours of operation.     Friendly, kind and thoughtful, courteous and have successfully been taking Predators for a couple of decades.     Now new to this area I seek a new place to hunt.


Ideally I would meet you in person and map out "Go" and "No-Go" areas and times.

Although I am not a rich man, I am willing to contribute towards your kindness and generousity by means of payment or physical help.


If you can help, or know a farmer/landowner who needs the Coyote population thinned out then please let me know.







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Yes I would like to help with your situation please contact me at you earliest convenience.

Mike Ollett

RJ Roberts said:


I sure would like help to control the Coyotes on my property in Caledon. We used to hear them occasionally at night, but now we hear them at all times of the day. If anyone can be of some assistant, please contact me @:  rjr912@hotmail.com



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