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Want some free assistance to help get rid of some predators and varmints that are taking a toll on your livestock, production and crops?

I’m a 40-year old former farm boy from Powassan turned urbanite, who recalls the affects predators and varmints had on our operations – especially milk and egg production, and loss of livestock.

This isn’t a bait-and-switch to try to hunt game later on – I hunt bear and deer up north near Minden. I just enjoy hunting, understand the potential lost income and know some would rather focus on their operations than spend time hunting coyotes, foxes, groundhogs, racoons etc.

I won’t use dogs or ATVs for obvious reasons. I’m self insured and will present the MNR’s Landowner Consent Form that protects and exempts you from liability.

Please keep my name and e-mail handy should you ever need me – happy to help.




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