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Is there any reason to think that we can escape the same hard lessons experienced by Germany and other countries who ill-advisedly rushed down the so-called "green energy" path?

Is there any reason to think there are no bad consequences when ill-conceived ideology overpowers reality and practicality?

Does Ontario has a better chance than Greece of surviving the inevitable financial fallout from "drunken-sailor", unsupportable, socialist spending habits?

Abandoning the Kyoto Accord is at least a good start and an indicator that not everyone has sipped from the goblet of Al Gore's kool-aid. Now, as more such grounded thinking begins to assert itself once again, can we find leaders who have the gumption to turn back some of the unrealistic commitments made by the McGuinty government?

How will the Gore/Suzuki followers will feel when they discover the inconvenient truth that they were merely pawns in a game being played by corporate interests seeking to increase their share of the corporate welfare that misguided socialist governments are shoveling out? Especially when the long-term outcome of such wrong-headed policy reaches into their wallets with its inevitable vaccuum cleaner effect??

Those "little people" should at least receive a Christmas card from the the likes of Sanyo, or the now-insolvent Solyndra (recipients of a 1/2 BILLION dollar subsidy), etc., but they not likely will since those types are more inclined to be takers rather than givers.

News items such as the one linked above to the Financial Post show the stark reality of the utter insanity of the GEA. However, even if Ontario were to immediately quit its destructive course of pursuing "renewable energy", we will be saddled with astronomical costs as a result of our government's irresponsible fling on the wild side. The bill will be paid - through our taxes and our electricity bills for generations to come.

Quite a legacy your are leaving for our children, Dalton. How their costs will compare to the benefits you got out of it?

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