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Yes - frost has been sighted around this area at varying levels. One car had ice on it (couldn't wipe it off with your finger).
This picture is from my lawn. Only spots have really been low areas on lawns. No frost spotted of any significance relating to crop damage.

Wayne Black

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Thanks for the report Wayne. Down here in London, I think it only got down to 5C last night.
Wayne - now that it's been a few days, can you detect any impact from that frost on Friday night?

No I do not see any indication that there was any damage done. On Saturday night we also had frost in spots (ice on the car roof again) that were low lying and very minimal - less than Friday night. I would expect that with this heatwave we are having now (low of 15 last night) along with the 1/3 to 1/2 inch rain this morning would pull anything out of the minimal frost damage if any. Almost perfect weather for after a frost - warm days and warm nights along with a brief shower.
Some neighbours have completed half of their soybean harvest and some are starting edibles. The only crop left would be the "green as grass" corn and it is patchy due to the dry weather.

Peter Gredig said:
Wayne - now that it's been a few days, can you detect any impact from that frost on Friday night?


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