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I have helped my father operate a cash crop farm for years, and this fall I am purchasing my own farm.


If anyone has any advice on starting up, especially financing (government grants or programs) I would really appreciate it. I have been speaking to financial institutions (Farm Credit and banks) to get a basic understanding.


Thanks in advance!

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Libro financial group has really good information about farm accounts and the books/business side of farming. Even if just for information it is worth looking at their website or going in to one and speaking with their ag account managers. They also can help direct you to grants and funding that are available because they are dealing with farmers of all types on a regular basis giving them a good understanding of whats going on in the industry.


Little fact: Libro was started by Dutch Farmers in London area so they know a thing or two about farm banking.


Hope this helps a bit,


Hi Tom,

How is your plan to get started going?

What are the major issues you are facing?


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