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Help answer survey questions on Neonicotinoid's for a class project for my Agribusiness program at Olds College

Hello everyone,

I'm doing a class project for my Innovation class at Olds College in the Agribusiness program. I am from Ontario and I know this is an occurring problem at the moment. Me and my classmates are coming up with ideas to improve the problem involved with neonic's and need your opinion on the following questions...

1. What do you know about neonicotinoid's?

2. Do you use seed with neonicotinoids?

3. If yes, would you be upset if they were banned? Why?

4. Do you understand how they work?

5. Are you aware of how much they are affecting the bees and other insects? What are your thoughts?

6. Is there an easy way to fix this problem, while keeping the bee keepers and farmers happy?

Thanks for your help

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