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Mark your calendars for the 2017 6th Annual US Corn Belt Crop Tour!

U.S. Corn Belt Crop Tour is back!

Join us from June 24th – July 10th, 2017, as we go through 12 U.S. states  with “Marketing Man” Moe Agostino, to provide farmers with an indication of where grain prices may be headed and provide a selling advantage:- http://riskmanagement.farms.com/events/us-cornbelt-tour-2017

Thank you all Sponsors

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Day 15 Jul 8, 17 40 S & Avers Rd. North Sterling, IL little more variability in this area Thank You Silver Sponsor

Day 15 Jul 8, 17 Hwy 40 S & 3000 N Ave. S Deer Grove, IL irrigated soys and most likely replanted corn Thank You

Day 15 Jul 8 Hwy 17 S, County Rd 950 N Speer, IL despite wet spring recovered, behind insect pressure Thank You

Day 15 Jul 8 HWY 40 S & Park School Rd, E of Dunlop, IL corn ilking & tasseling but exception not the rule Thank You

Day 16 Jul 9, 17 E Hwy 24 & County Rd 1850, E of Eureka, IL looks good from Rd but walk in lots gaps Thank You Canada

Day 16 Jul 9, 17 E Hwy 24 & N 3160 East Rd, E Chenoa, IL 2 inches of rain 2 weeks ago but dry, 2 leafs away from tasseling

Day 16 Jul 9, 17 E Hwy 24 & N Clark St. est of Sheldon, IL cop conditions all over the map

Day 16 End of crop tour in IL crop conditions all over the map rating the state a 6 out of 10

Day 16 Jul 9, 17 touring in NE Indiana Hwy 52 S & S 200E S Fowler, IN very short soys in this area

Day 16 Jul 9, 17 Hwy 18 N of Lafayette, IN lots of moisture reminds us of 2015!

Day 16 Jul 9, 17 Hwy 18 N of Lafayette, IN emergence a problem near Lafayette, IN 2017 vs. 2015

Day 16 Jul 9, 17 Hwy 18 N Lafayette, IN very short corn its deja vu to when we started tour June 24

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