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Soybean harvest has started - share your results and progress here ...

First results posted on Twitter:

phhermans3:46pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Beans coming off in Richmond. 2800 hu planted May 2 yfrog.com/kjgrynkj


formosafarmer1:36pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Soybeans coming into amberley at 12.8% moisture, not sure on yield #ontag

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TheSandFarmer4:45pm via HTC Peep

First soys combine tested 10%, nice sample

glannin profile

glannin Soybean harvest just nicely starting north of london area. Next week should see a big % of acres off and first real clue to final yield #'s

DoubleD706:38pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Soybean harvest has started in the GFA. Dekalb 28-60 #ontagpic.twitter.com/gFnMerae

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GaryDeBorger6:39pm via Web

A few soys coming off in north Lambton our first wont be till maybe Tue Wed have not heard any yields yet

glannin5:20pm via Twitter for iPhone

1st 2 soybean reports from Lambton cnty today. Both were 2860RY - both I'm mid 60's they have the early lead in our double the diff contest

DekalbWoody4:58pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Just took off my 1st soy plot of #harvest12#DK26-10RY continues where it left off last year with a solid win at 47.5 bpa near Drayton

66 bu/ac avg on 187ac of 26-10RY in Stayner area. That's one happy grower for 

DekalbWoodySep 17, 6:31pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Finished 2nd soy plot. 26-10RY takes another with a win at 53.5 bu near Gads Hill. All comp's were longer season #DEKALByield12#harvest12


farmersimsSep 17, 6:13pm via Twitter for Android

My father inlaw started his beans today. Bout 26 -28 bus per acre. Not great but not bad ether!

glanninSep 17, 6:06pm via Twitter for iPhone

Soy harvest going strong in north middlesex with 50+ and 60+ bu results for 2812 and 2860RY - trend can keep coming#DEKALByield12

GaryDeBorger6:31am via Web

Some soy's off yield better than expected for a drought year will have over the scales this am green straw dry pods 11% moisture

farmersims 20 hours 58 mins ago Twitter
Soybean harvest last week at the inlaws. 28bpa twitter.yfrog.com/kk8mzex...

Almost a 2m tall bean! That might explain why they are lying flat ... 

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