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An individual responded to something on Facebook with respect to the proposed peaker plant for the Holland Marsh and made a connection to NIMBYism. I responded politely to his ignorance, but then I got to thinking about the issue. People are so disconnected to agriculture they really have no clue what activities occur on an active farm. The average, non-farming Canadian has no clue the lengths farmers have gone to to produce safe, healthy, nutritious food for their plates. Strict rules and regulations have been imposed on farmers, which we adhere to because we realize it is for the greater good. Then some provincial manager comes along and directs municipalities to brace for this great growth spurt (which he has directed must happen), thereby creating this "critical need" for additional power to supply "his" growth prediction. Well then, put this peaker plant in the area where the growth is going to occur, not on prime agricultural farmland! If it is so safe, and we should all be embracing this natural gas-fired peaker plant because it is cleaner than coal & is so "green" (by 40%, but the emissions are lethal, and said emissions will cause an increase in respiratory problems, thus increasing our Healthcare costs)! In my mind the individual who responded on Facebook should have used the designation RSL (Responsible Steward of the Land).

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Empowering women leadership in the agriculture and agri-food sector

COVID-19 has magnified systemic issues and longstanding inequalities, and the Government of Canada is working hard to provide equal opportunities for all Canadians.

Clean Fuels Standard Misses the Mark on Biofuels

Grain Farmers of Ontario, the province’s largest commodity organization, representing Ontario’s 28,000 barley, corn, oat, soybean, and wheat farmers, today has deep concerns about the current Clean Fuels Standard (CFS) proposed by the Canadian government, is opposed to the criteria for land use, and asks for transparency around carbon numbers and any certification processes.

Fish Harvester Benefit and Fish Harvester Grant Application Deadline Extended to October 5

The Fish Harvester Benefit and Grant Program is delivering financial support to self-employed harvesters across the country who are facing hardships brought on by the economic impact of COVID-19.

Ontario Supporting Jobs and Economic Growth in Rural Communities

The Ontario government is committing nearly $1 million in cost-share funding to help rural communities diversify their economies, retain skilled workers and create jobs.

New Ontario Business Development Representative

Topigs Norsvin announced today that Jeff Crossman has joined its staff as Ontario Business Development Representative, based out of the Southwestern Ontario region. In his new role, Jeff will be focused on Business Development and customer support in Ontario.

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