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An individual responded to something on Facebook with respect to the proposed peaker plant for the Holland Marsh and made a connection to NIMBYism. I responded politely to his ignorance, but then I got to thinking about the issue. People are so disconnected to agriculture they really have no clue what activities occur on an active farm. The average, non-farming Canadian has no clue the lengths farmers have gone to to produce safe, healthy, nutritious food for their plates. Strict rules and regulations have been imposed on farmers, which we adhere to because we realize it is for the greater good. Then some provincial manager comes along and directs municipalities to brace for this great growth spurt (which he has directed must happen), thereby creating this "critical need" for additional power to supply "his" growth prediction. Well then, put this peaker plant in the area where the growth is going to occur, not on prime agricultural farmland! If it is so safe, and we should all be embracing this natural gas-fired peaker plant because it is cleaner than coal & is so "green" (by 40%, but the emissions are lethal, and said emissions will cause an increase in respiratory problems, thus increasing our Healthcare costs)! In my mind the individual who responded on Facebook should have used the designation RSL (Responsible Steward of the Land).

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A Professor with Western College of Veterinary Medicine predicts, as the use of antibiotics decreases over the coming years, there will be a greater need to diagnose specific pathogens.

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A Postdoctoral fellow with the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization suggests intrauterine vaccination of sows and gilts offers a safer alternative to needles for swine barn workers that's less stressful for the pigs.

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