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Agritourism is alive and well in Ontario and ready to kick-off a new season

Harvest Ontario, the source for local foods, wines, fairs, honey and more is celebrating 10 years of success with its 2010 edition. Available free at Home Hardware, Home Building Centre and Home Furniture locations across Ontario, this handy guide is the largest, most comprehensive directory in Ontario for finding local foods and local products at the source as well as local agritourism destinations.

“We are proud of our accomplishments over 10 years in helping consumers discover all the agritourism treasures we have here in the province”, states Steve Watt, the publisher. “The term agritourism appears to have been erased when dealing with the public over the past several years. Today there are a variety of terms used that confuses the consumer. If you journey from your home and visit an agricultural destination, its agritourism, plain and simple.” Watt continues, “And the benefits of your journey are wonderful. When you visit a pick-your-own farm or farmers’ market, you have a direct impact on supporting the grass roots of the local system. You help farmers make a living and you reap the benefits of local foods.”

Complimenting the print guide is harvestontario.com, a user-friendly search engine that allows searches by closest urban centre, commodity, attraction type or things to do. There’s even a freeform search area that allows for detailed searches such as ‘strawberries Ottawa’. With over 1,300 attractions from Thunder Bay to the Greenbelt, Windsor to the Ottawa Valley, Harvest Ontario provides consumers with a direct link to freshness.

Watt is quick to point out that the wonderful product they put out annually is a team effort. “Home Hardware, a partner since our introduction 10 years ago, has played a key role in helping to promote growers and the buy local message. When the concept was originally pitched to them, they immediately got it and came on board. I cannot say enough about their efforts to support Canadian agriculture at the grass roots.”

And speaking of relationships, Harvest Ontario is proud to be working with 2 major producer associations, Farmers’ Markets Ontario® and Ontario Farm Fresh Marketing Association. Listings now include over 170 MyPick™ Verified Local Farmers™ and over 260 Ontario Farm Fresh member farms. Together with the great support of the Ontario Cattlemen’s Association, The Regional Municipality of Durham and Ontario Farm and Country Accommodations, Harvest Ontario is able to offer free listings to local producers to help them promote directly to consumers.

For more information contact Steve Watt, Publisher, Bright Light Communications, swatt@harvestontario.com.

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Comment by Joe Dales on June 11, 2010 at 5:29am
Great initiative Steve...everyone appreciates the promotion of agriculture and farmers to the consuming public.



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