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BASF Invites Some Urban Consumers To The Farm. Sustainability Video Series.




Conversations On Sustainability online video series captures the
dialogue when urban consumers meet the farmers that grow their food.

MISSISSAUGA, ON - BASF Canada (BASF) today launched an online
video series called Conversations On Sustainability on its AgSolutions YouTube
channel. The videos feature highlights from the conversations five urbanites had
with five Canadian farmers when they travelled from the city to the farm to see
how food is grown, and how the industry can sustain it.

"We invited
average urban consumers, who had some not so average questions and opinions
about food, to speak openly with the farmers who grow it," says Scott Kay,
Canada Business Director at BASF. "When it comes to food supply, we're all in
this together. Whether you're the consumer, the grower or the innovator, it's
really about us all working together. Through the video series, these urban
consumers had the opportunity to speak openly and connect with growers like
never before."

Each of the five consumers got a tour of a Canadian farm
- in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario - to see the field, the
machinery and the crops close up. They spoke one-on-one with growers and asked
them questions like how much it costs an acre to run a farm, to how growers
apply their herbicides, to how and why growers select particular seed varieties.

"I'm from downtown Toronto. I have no idea what life is like on a farm,"
says Ron Schlumpf, a banker.

Schlumpf spent a day with Dan Ronceray on
his farm in Somerset, Manitoba, where the two were able to share their
"We have nothing to hide," says Ronceray. "We produce a good
crop and quality products, and if they [consumers] need to know every step of
the way, I'm happy to open my farm and show them how we do it."

participants included Humphrey Banack, a grower in Camrose, Alberta who met with
Detlev Kloss, an inventory control manager from Whitby, Ontario; Curt Gessell,
who operates a farm in Delisle, Saskatchewan who met Marie Duggan, an
administrator from Tottenham, Ontario; Brian Vandervalk, a producer in Fort
McLeod, Alberta, who met Mike Reid, a recent university graduate from Toronto;
and Steve Twynstra, a grower in Ailsa Craig, Ontario, who met Gerry Johnston, a
registered nurse from London, Ontario.

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