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Canadian Hereford Hog Association & Registry - A CANADIAN DREAM

I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who viewed our site & became a member !

We now have 45 members across Canadian since our site opened up March 06, 2013.

These member are not only becoming a member of O.H.H.L.V.F to have our exclusive Newsletter, which will be emailed to each member starting with our first edition April 01, 2013, they are showing support & giving light to the creation of the one & only Canadian Hereford Hog Association & Registry !

Just like O.H.H.L.V.F , our members are behind Hereford Hogs 100% !
Our members our truly making our dream of a Canadian Hereford Hog Association & Registry A CANADIAN DREAM !!


O'Reilly Hereford Hogs LakeView Farm (O.H.H.L.V.F) ,




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Comment by Walk About Ranch on October 28, 2015 at 4:13pm

Hey I was wondering how I can join the Hereford Assos. I live in here in Alberta and am Looking to start breeding Herefords. Also do you have any for sale. If you can email me and then we can go from there, alohamedispa@hotmail.com I also had some questions about the breed.



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