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Dr. Roberta Bondar to Challenge Dairy Producers at Precision Dairy Management Conference, March 3, 2010.

The organizing Committee is delighted to announce that Dr. Roberta Bondar will deliver the conference’s keynote address at the banquet on March 3, 2010. Dr. Bondar has had many careers from scientist, physician, astronaut, photographer and author to entrepreneur. She is ideally suited to deliver the keynote address at the First North American Conference on Precision Dairy Management. Her experiences as an astronaut afforded her opportunities to apply advanced technologies in extreme conditions. Her experiences will challenge conference participants to create a vision for the dairy industry.

Diverse in careers from scientist, physician, astronaut, photographer and author to entrepreneur, Dr. Roberta Bondar is a much sought-after speaker who embodies the spirit that captures change, life-long learning, transferable skills and adaptability

Dr. Roberta Bondar, the world’s first neurologist in space, is globally recognized for her pioneering contribution to space medicine research. Aboard the first Discovery mission of 1992, she conducted science experiments in the space shuttle’s First International Microgravity Laboratory on behalf of 14 countries.

In the next decade dairy producers across North America will adopt a wide variety of sensor based automation and precision technologies that will reshape the future direction of dairy farming. As they do this, they will need to be aware of what the researchers are developing and the practical experience of the innovative producers who have led the way. Conference participants attending the Precision Dairy Management Conference on March 2-5, 2010 will hear over 50 presentations from experts from 10 countries. Presentations on precision dairy technology, robotic milking, dairy cattle health, automation in feeding and nutrition, the use of sensors and computer monitoring to improve the management of dairy cows will bring the best information in the world on these subjects to Toronto, Ontario. Complete program details and registration information are available at www.precisiondairy2010.com.

The Precision Dairy Management Conference, being held in Toronto, Ontario, March 2-5, 2010, features world class speakers and researchers including practical leading edge producers in a panel discussion on “Strategies for Adopting Precision Technologies”. Poul DeGier from Ponoka Alberta, Thomas Wynker from Chilliwack British Columbia, Dale Hemminger, Seneca Castle New York and Bram Prins from the Netherlands will share their experiences with a wide variety of equipment. The closing day of the 1st North American Conference on Precision Dairy Management features farm visits to four technology driven dairies in southwestern Ontario.

The conference is organized jointly by the Progressive Dairy Operators, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, University of Guelph, CanWest DHI, and Dairy Farmers of Ontario.

Progressive Dairy Operators

Progressive Dairy Operators is focused on enhancing our dairy industry through dedication to innovation and excellence in dairy business management as well as providing opportunities through leadership, experience and education.


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