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International Plowing Match Day One: Premier Kathleen Wynne Photos from Instagram

Had a great time at the International Plowing Match today! Thanks for hosting, Perth County! #ipm2013
Taking a few minutes to talk to visitors and volunteers at the Ontario Liberal tent. #ipm2013
Learning about the fascinating history of the International Plowing Match. #ipm2013
Glad to see so many families having fun at the International Plowing Match!
Won an apple at the Foodland Ontario trivia game in the Ontario tent! #ipm2013
Spending some time in the Ontario tent! #ipm2013
#Premier #Wynne competing at #ipm2013
Thanking the land owner for giving up his farm to host the International Plowing Match! #ipm2013
Having a great time at the International Plowing Match with my Ontario Liberal team! #selfie #ipm2013
Ran into Lloyd Robertson and got him to sign a copy of his book for me!

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Why farmers rely on cash flow projections

Agriculture is a numbers game. Farmers need to determine a fair land rental price or if their operating line of credit will get them through tight times. While uncertainty around factors such as the weather makes it nearly impossible to know exact revenue and expense numbers, it is possible to get accurate estimates using cash flow projections.

Canada’s Agri-Food Exporters Praise Historic Coming-into-force of CUSMA

Dan Darling, President of CAFTA, today issued the following statement to mark the coming-into-force of the Canada-US-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA).

CUSMA launch: What you need to know

CUSMA secures gains in GDP of USD 5.1B, according to Global Affairs Canada. Trade concessions involve increased market access to Canada’s supply-managed sectors.

Introducing PLATO, the Phosphorus Loss Assessment Tool for Ontario

Keeping soil covered and minimizing erosion is a key principle of soil health.

OFA welcomes new and returning directors to the provincial board

Following a three-week nomination period for directors in five zones across the province, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) is proud to announce the return of a strong contingent of agricultural leaders as well as the addition of one new member to the organization’s Board of Directors.

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