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Schedule of Upcoming Local Plowing Matches in Ontario

 DATE   Location
Algoma (St. Joseph)
Aug 23 Please note the change in location:   Hosted by: Gilbertson Enterprises, 2444 Huron Line, Richard Landing, ON                                CONTACT: Gail Murdock 705-246-2679
Aug 29 Hosted by: Rick and Mike Smith and Family.  Lot 14-15 Concession 5 Huron Township.  Driving Directions:  Located at the corner of Huron Concession 6 and Bruce County Road 7, 1 Corner South of Ripley.  Watch for the signs.  CONTACT: John Gillespie 519-395-5248
Aug 23 Hosted by:  Elaine Snoddon     9162 Snoddon Road, Concession 3 Georgina Township, Pefferlaw CONTACT: Jim & Norma Ferguson 705-357-3069 jnferg@ruralwave.ca
Sept 6 Hosted by:  Andrelea Farms - John Andrews.  41635 Ron McNeil Line, Southwold Township                                             CONTACT: Dave Cryderman 519-773-8531lindacryderman@hotmail.com
Frontenac County
Oct 25 Hosted by:  Garson Farms - Garfield and Jeff Ball, 2726 Sunbury Road       CONTACT: Brenden MacKinnon 613-384-2713          Robert MacLean 613-542-1748
Frontenac (Wolfe Island)
Sep 13 Location to be determined.                   CONTACT: Wilma Sjonger 613-385-2672 wilma.sjonger@gmail.com
Aug 30  Hosted by:  Keith Wells, County Road 27, South Glengarry.  (Former George Lang farm)    CONTACT: Henry 613-551-4403 or Ross 613-551-5764
Sep 27 Hosted by:  Maitland Meadows Farms Ltd.  The closest blue number is 2319 County Rd 16, RR 2 Merrickville, ON          CONTACT: Barb Maitland , maitlandmeadows@aol.com  613-283-0916
Grey (Bentinck)
Sep 27  Hosted by: Doug and Dianne Miller, 421441 Concession 6, Elmwood, ON  N0G 1S0  This is Grey Bentinck's 75th Anniversary and the original plowing match was held at the same location.   CONTACT: Jack Milligan  519-369-6712 or Ken Hastie 519-369-2125        Secretary: Rebecca Taylor   rtaylor5@hotmail.com
Grey (Egremont)
Sep 13

Hosted by: Robert and Kathleen MacRobbie, 104607 Southgate Road 10, RR 2, Mount Forest N0G 2L0                   CONTACT: Kathleen MacRobbie 519-323-1586 or MaryEllen Wiltshire

Grey (Normanby) 
Sep 6 Hosted by:  Diemert Dale Acres Limited:  Roy and Agnes and Ron and Pauline & Family: 181775 Conc. 12, Lot 19 and 20 of Normanby-West Grey, RR 3, Ayton, ON    CONTACT: Kim Lennox  519-327-8576
Grey (North)
 Sept 1 Hosted by:  359483 Bayshore Road, north of Leith, (northeast of Owen Sound). Laneway is across the road from the Ainslie Wood Conservation Area.  CONTACT: Keith Davenport 519-371-3030
Grey (Keppel-Sarawak)
   CONTACT: Garth Henry 519-371-1638 or Neil Emery 519-376-5649
Oct 4 Hosted by:  Alvin Topp, 256 Ortt Road, dunnville, ON  N1A 2W4              CONTACT: Susan Sidenberg 905-765-0772   sue.sidenberg@shaw.ca
Haldimand (Oneida)
Oct 11  Hosted by:  John and Alicia Laidlaw, 375 3rd Line Road, Hagersville, ON  CONTACT: Rachel Vaarkamp  rmhaney12@hotmail.com
Aug 22 Hosted by: Robert McClure, 9308 Side Road 10, Township of Halton Hills.  Directions:  1 Sdrd south of Speyside on Hwy 25, turn east to match    CONTACT: Ian Break 905-601-7175 rdbreak@rogers.comCecil Patterson 905-691-7142
Aug 20-21 Hosted by: Forestell Hay Farms, 809 Salem Road, Stirling-Rawdon, Ontario   Visit our website: www.hastingsfarmshow.ca CONTACT: Jacie Gunning – 705-653-3142 jaciegunning@gmail.com 
Aug 22 Hosted by: Valerie Shortreed, 42227 Blyth Road, Township of Morris-Tuenberry, RR 1, Walton, Ontario CONTACT: Cecelia Corbett - 519-235-0803 c.corbett@hay.net
Aug 30  Hosted by:  Mac and Sandra Parker, RR 8, 9077 and 9023 Egremont Rd Watford, ON, Concession 1 Ser/Lot 29-30 Wardick Township                                 CONTACT: William Bilton 519-695-3701 emailbmlbilton@ciaccess.com
Aug 16 Hosted by:  Jim Tims, 107 Old Union Hall Rd, RR 2, Concession 6, Township of Ramsay (Mississippe Mills)  Almonte             CONTACT: Barb Dowdall - 613-257-1637 - barbdowdall@storm.ca
 Aug 29-30 Hosted by:  Leann Farms on Cronkwoods Road, Mallorytown, ON   Contact person:  Casey and Leonard 613-342-7559       CONTACT: Grace Bresee 613-273-5287
Sep 1 Hosted by:  Rudy and Sherri Van Hooydonk, 2291 Elginfield Rd, Township of North Middlesex Concession 18 Parkhill, ON  CONTACT: Donna Elliott - Secretary - 519-245-6473
Niagara North (Caistor)
Oct 15 Hosted by:  Adrian and Heidi Haanstra, 2343 Abingdon Rd.  Corner of Abingdon and 16 Road     CONTACT: Ross Bush  rsbush70@gmail.com
Niagara North (Lincoln)
Oct 14 Hosted by: Bill Minnick, 2911 South Grimsby Road South, Concession 8 Lot 9 Township of West Lincoln.               CONTACT: Elaine Crooks 905-957-0494
Niagara South
Sep13  Hosted by Location:  824 Holloway Bay Road North, Ridgeway, Ontario     CONTACT: Debbie Grimes 905-894-2959
Sept 6   Hosted by:  Doug and Lorna Fletcher, 1782 Conc 11 Townsend, RR 3, Waterford.  Conc 11 pt lot 22 - 23 Townsend              CONTACT: Pat Ferris 519-443-8818 ferrisdavid120@gmail.com       Marie Chambers 519-443-8751
Oct 11 Hosted by:  Bruce Buttar    Location:  Corner of County Roads 18 and 9 - Gores Landing            CONTACT: Allan Carruthers 905-376-5049
 Aug 22-23  Hosted by: Jackbrae Farms Ltd.,  8120 Fallowfield Road (between Dwyer Hill and Munster Road)      CONTACT: Sue Trudel 613-841-1030 sue.trudel@sympatico.ca  (www.ottawaplowmen.com)
Oxford (Blenheim)
Aug 20 Hosted by:  Bernie Pynenburg, 5th Concession off of Globles Road, Blandford Blenheim Township          CONTACT: Ruth Fried 519-696-2774 ruth_fried@live.ca
Oxford (County)
Aug 16  Hosted by:  John Angehrn, 135270 13th Line, Thamesford, ON.  The Oxford County Match is approximately 10 minutes from the Canadian Plowing Championships.       CONTACT: David Hill - 519-539-3486 or email hillfam2@rogers.com
Aug 28  Hosted by: Bob Johnston, 14676 Torbram Road, Concession 5 East Township of Caledon, Caledon, ON  L7C 2T2           CONTACT: Danette Woodworth (905) 702-8783 dwoodworth820@yahoo.ca
Perth County
 Aug 23 Hosted by:  Karl Razzmann, 6149 Line 60, RR 1, Monkton, Ontario             CONTACT: Bryan Bertrand 519-229-6745       Anthony Bertrand 519-284-4601
Sep 6 Hosted by: Craig and Andrew Barton, 3450 Stardale Rd., Vankleek Hill, Ontario CONTACT: Contact Glenn Conway – 613-674-2808 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">Gcon_way@hotmail.com   Richard Sauve 613-551-5144    Charly Leduc  613-880-9100
Sep 27 Hosted by: Karl Gillis and Earl McLeod,  1187 County Rd 10, Concession 7, Township of Cavan/Monaghan,                    CONTACT: Mona Humphries - 705-696-2055
Sep 13 Hosted by:  Gerard, Bev, Peter and Vikki Afelskie, 42 Union Cemetry Rd, Concession 1, Township of Whitewater Region, Cobden, ON  K0J 1K0    CONTACT: Penny Rochon 613-646-7737 Mamarockon01@gmail.com 
Russell (Clarence-Rockland)
Sep 13   Hosted by: Jean-Guy Thivierge, 3345 Gendron, Hammnd, ON  K0A 2A0         CONTACT: Robert Chartrand 613-488-2828
 N/A Simcoe County will not be hosting a Branch Match in 2014.  Simcoe County is hosting the 2014 International Plowing Match & Rual Expo, September 16-20, 2014.   Simcoe County will host a Branch Match in 2015 at the farm of Paul Maurice in Lafontaine.            CONTACT: Barry Degeer - 705-719-8916
Oct 11 Location to be determined
CONTACT: Jennifer Waldroff - 613-346-5472
 Sep 5-6-7 Hosted by:  271149 Poupore Road, Earlton, ON  P0J 1E0          CONTACT: Josee Roy - 705-563-2150  dj.xt@hotmail.com       Roch Loranger – 705-563-2688
Thunder Bay (Slate River)
 Sep 5-6  The 82nd Annual Plowing Match will be held at the intersection of Piper Road and Hwy 130.  Noon to dusk Friday, Sept 5th and Saturday, Sept 6th - 9:00 am - 7:00 pm              CONTACT: Tom Loghrin tomlo@tbaytel.net    Susan McRury - 807-476-0901
Aug 31 Hosted by:  Paul and Donna Starr -  706 Cambray Road, across from the cemetry -  City of Kawartha Lakes:  Concession 14 Lot 21 Mariposa Township               CONTACT: Norma Gorrill. 705-953-9619   normagorrill@gmail.com
Waterloo (North Dumfries)
Oct 20 Hosted by: Trussler Farms Ltd., 1925 Huron Road, Kitchener, ON  -  Corner of Huron Road and Trussler Road - across from Connect Equipment     CONTACT: Kate Cressman 519-632-7347rkcressman@megawire.ca  or Rick Dunnett 519-622-4853
Aug 21  Hosted Located: County Road 22, Concession 1, Centre Wellington Township CONTACT: Carol Day 519-846-0137    carolday2012@gmail.com
Aug 23 Hosted by: William Nimijohn, 1199 6th Concession Rd. W.  City of Hamilton  CONTACT: William or Brad Nimijohn   905-659-0073
Oct 17 Hosted by:  Normelean Farms - Vansickle and Cranson Families, 452 Carluke Road, Ancaster Township                   CONTACT: Sharon Pearce - 905-679-6304 s-pearce@shaw.ca
Aug 30 Hosted by:  Beckett Family, 2373 Old Homestead Road, Keswick, ON  (Woodbine Avenue & Old Homestead Rd) CONTACT: Linda Jarvis, 416-293-8689 linjar@rogers.com 


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