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The DuPont "Touch Tomorrow" Tour was held Sept. 18th near Thorndale

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Comment by OntAG Admin on September 19, 2014 at 10:28am

A number of new DuPont herbicide product developments were presented on the Touch Tomorrow Tour in Thorndale, Ontario. 

In soybeans

Presenting new soybean herbicides from DuPont, including products with multiple modes-of-action and product developments for GT and IP soybeans.

• Featuring DuPont™ Canopy™ PRO, Freestyle™, Guardian® and Guardian® Plus.

• A complete portfolio of soybean herbicides from DuPont. New use patterns and tank-mixes in soybeans including 2, 3 and 4 herbicide groups for control of herbicide resistant biotypes.

• New PrecisionPac® blends with multiple modes of action.

In corn

Presenting new Innovations in corn herbicides from DuPont including:

• DuPont™ Engarde™ herbicide combinations and use patterns.

• NEW early post-emergent corn herbicide for early to mid-post broad-spectrum weed control in glyphosate tolerant corn.

Fungicide, insecticide and seed treatment developments

Presenting new developments in these areas, and showcasing:

• DuPont™ Coragen® insecticide to control Western bean cutworm, offering:

                • Registered on a wide variety of crops.

                • Single MOA allows growers to rotate chemical groups easily for better resistance management             compared to tank-mixes.

                • Reduced risk profi le means it’s easy on applicators, bees and other benefi cials.

                • Class-leading buff er zones.

                • Short re-entry intervals.

                • Controls hatching insects all the way through to adult stages of development.



• DuPont™ Acapela® fungicide to control Northern corn leaf blight in corn and white mould in soybeans offering:

                • One-of-a-kind movement properties.

                • Broad-spectrum disease control.

                • A new tool for the management of white mould in soybeans.

                • Healthier crops and higher yield potential.

                • Preventative and residual activity.

                • Flexibility to use on a variety of crops including corn, soybeans, canola, cereals, and dry edible                beans.

                • Reliable and powerful protection under a variety of conditions.

• DuPont™ Lumiderm™ insecticide seed treatment for canola offering:

                • Contains the active ingredient cyantraniliprole, a new mode of action in seed treatment -         Group 28.

                • Only seed treatment product that provides cutworm control.

                • Systemic and residual activity: protecting the cotyledons and early leaves for up to 35 days      from flea beetles and cutworms.

                • Excellent plant protection: better consistency of crucifer & striped fl ea beetle control across a               broad range of environmental conditions.

                • Enhanced seedling performance: increased biomass, vigour & germination, leading to strong seedling performance, allowing for optimized yield.

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