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AgriStability or Aggravation? CFIB Survey findings... need to fix problems with program....

AgriStability or Aggravation?  Click here to read the report:



The Canadian Federation of Independent Business has released a report revealing farmers' frustrations with the government's current risk management program.
Their report was based on more than 1,000 responses from agri-business owners.The report identified various problematic areas within AgriStability including poor customer service, complex and large volumes of paperwork, timeline issues and predictability.
Key findings were that the Federal, Provincial and Territorial governments have a role to play in the actions of foreign governments and managing risks beyond the producer's control; that producers are spending on average $1,984.00 to participate in the program; that the government needs to address customer service issues; and that currently AgriStability is not providing an adequate long-term solution for Canadian producers."While governments can't solve many of the global problems that have impacted the agricultural sector, they can take steps to improve the tax and regulatory environment in which business owners operate," said Vice-President of Agri-Business Marilyn Braun-Pollon.
The CFIB believes that while programs, such as AgriStability, should be used only as a last resort, they still have to work for the farmer."We hope the July 2010 meeting of the FPT Ministers of Agriculture will outline a concrete plan to address farmers' serious concerns".

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Good for CFIB for getting on board with what Farmers have been experiencing with AgriStability. This is a move in the right direction.

There have been years of discussions around AgriStability and it's inadequacies. Ask the Beef Producers! As the Pork Producers! There are no 'ears' in Government willing to listen...............until an election is called - then they all have the answers but only to be followed up by INACTION.

Farmers uniting together are going to have to find a way to get Government's attention.

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