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Has anyone started harvesting your wheat yet? Post your yields and quality here.

We are likely a week away from getting started.

Walked through the wheat yesterday, it looked pretty good.

I hear some guys are worrying about sprouting.

Good luck.


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On Twitter:

TerryDaynard7:09am via TweetCaster for Android

Thks to @grandridgefarms, wheat off yesterday w of Guelph. 15%, 0.5% fusarium, grade ok. Yield not yet cert. but appears above ave. #ontag

DeltaPowerEquip8:08am via web

The #Wheat harvest rolls on, reporting as low as 13.9% by Dashwood. #ontag

lolamayfarmsJul 15, 4:19pm via Twitter for iPhone

1st load of wheat came in just now. 15.4% moisture. .5% Fusarium .1% sprouts and 62lbs/bu #ontag #wheat

Andrew_J11Jul 15, 2:38pm via Twitter for iPhone

Wheat coming off west of strathroy, 15.8% moisture yesterday and 13.7% today. Fusarium an issue for sure 2-2.5% damage #ontag

EkennesJul 15, 1:30pm via Twitter for Android

Wheat coming off near Parkhill currently testing 14.5. Is dry 14 or 13? #wheat #ontag@WheatPete pic.twitter.com/vIildxQIjr

Received our 1st load of SWW this am. Seeing lots of sprouts (5%) and fusarium (>1%). , its going to be a tough .

Some photos pulled together by Amanda Brodhagen.

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Struggling to get the last 10% off here. Yields have been okay, test weights generally a bit light. Fusarium has been acceptable on everything that's been sprayed and probably 80-90 percent of the unsprayed has been downgraded....just don't get why guys refuse to look after their crops.

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