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I am a hunter and have been in a successful landowner relationship for ten years. We pay $350/hunter/week for access and use of the hunt camp. With six of us in the group, we help put a dent in the landowners property tax. We maintain trails, fences and help cut the firewood as part of our written agreement. All of us maintain liability insurance through the Ontario federation of anglers and hunters. In the agreement we state that the landowner is not liable for any injury occuring whole on his property.
In the past I have helped a farmer who had four twenty acre wood lots on his 400 acres get four bow hunters at $400 each for the October to December deer season. Depending on the property, some hunters or hunt groups are willing to pay more AND having a known and approved group on your land helps dissuade others from trespassing or asking.
Having some one pay to reduce crop damaging bears, predatory coyotes or crop munching deer is an extra bonus. In fact, we consider the land owner more than the landlord, he is one of our group and enjoys sharing the hunt and the social fun the group brings. It is very important to screen the hunters and ensure you spell out the behavior expected of the group. The OFAH offers on-line land owner agreements and members have liability insurance! For over thirty years, I have enjoyed close relationships with the landowners and we both have enjoyed a very successful relationship.

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