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New Farming Reality Television Series looking for Interested Farmers in Ontario

InverseCinematics an independent television production company is putting together a new show proposal and is looking for Ontario farmers who might be interested in taking part. It is a documentary reality series following the day to day life of the Canadian farmer. Think Discovery's "Deadliest Catch" or History's "Ice Road Truckers". We have already gotten great response from the farmers around Canada (We have had lots of interest from farms in Alberta, BC and Manitoba but we're still trying to get the word out to the eastern provinces) the public, television people and the media. We have been featured in The Western Producer and on CBC radio One in Winnipeg. We are excited to put together a solid proposal with great subjects.

The Farm
Canadian farmers endure the daily battle with high input costs, low selling prices, pests, weeds and unpredictable weather to survive, and produce something bigger than themselves, Our food.

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You should talk to Shaun Haney and Andrew Campbell....


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