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Pork Producers Meeting
Embro Arena
Thursday August 27, 2009
7:00 PM
The Beginning Farmer Group is initiating a meeting for all Pork Producers of Ontario. We see our Provincial industry in dire need of leadership and direction. Large herd operators, young farmers, and now the medium size establish farms are all becoming very dissatisfied with the lack of leadership we are experiencing here in Ontario. Ontario Pork is working on the long term plan of moving pork here in Ontario from being a commodity product to a more value-based pro duct, with no short term provincial asks or plans. While the USA and Quebec fill our Ontario stores, Ontario Pork is looking to fill the cracks with their long term planning and accepts the bankruptcies of many Ontario hog farms as inevitable. There only is ever a very small market for specialty meats and if we manage to create a speciality market nothing can stop our neighbours from creating a similar product. Pork is a commodity. We the hog producers of Ontario want to feed Ontario cities but won’t be around if our leaders don’t do the task they were elected to do. They need to work for us and get us the help we need from our Provincial government in this “perfect/worst storm in 60 years.” Now that we are aware that the help from the Feds will only be loans, we believe it is time that our leaders put forward a short term ask to our Provincial Government. We believe that we need to send a clear message to our leaders and to Ag. Minister Hon. Leona Dombrowsky. These are desperate times and often desperate times bring change. We believe there is a great need for our industry to reflect on where we are at and demand that the needs of all producers…large, small, young and old are addressed. We need to listen, and address the needs of our fellow producers and then must rally as an industry to make our needs known, otherwise we will continue to get more of what we have been getting…Nothing.
Please come out and share your ideas with us so that we can together plan to unite and take action and to make the changes necessary for this industry to again prosper and provide for our families.
Questions can be sent to info@beginningfarmer.ca

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