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I recently started experimenting and flying with quadcopters and am interested in building my knowledge around using them and small RC planes for aerial mapping of crops. So far i have been flying a quadcopter and am in the process of learning a fixed wing. Is there any farmer within an hours distance of Toronto who might be interested in helping me out. I basically need a place to fly over crops and at the same time learn as i move along. Later on i plan to add a small camera with an IR filter on it to get an idea about plant health. All of this is geared towards building a cheap DIY setup for mapping and crop monitoring.

Basically i'm looking for a farm where someone would be interested in learning as i move along. I'll bring the equipment!..just to clarify this is a hobby and nothing commercial...my primary goal is to learn the technology and its application in farming.

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Are you still looking for some fields to test your platform on, I would be happy to assist about 1h20mins from Toronto depending on where you are coming from. 

Please feel free to give me a call if this would be of interest to you.




I would be interested if you are still looking for farms?

Kai Wiens


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