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Video: Driverless John Deere tractor runs amuck in Walmart parking lot

A couple in Richmond Hill,Ontario were returning from the car wash when they noticed a strange late-night gathering at the local Walmart. Curious, they stopped to see what the fuss was about, and were confronted with the spectacle of a driver-less John Deere Tractor careening around the parking lot.

The tractor in question wasn't just your regular, run-of-the-mill lawn tractor, either. No, the phantom tractor was a four-wheel-drive Deere equipped with a snowplow. The tractor spent five minutes jogging circles around the parking lot, gouging the side of the Walmart and annihilating a few cars while onlookers stood by doing nothing and area police literally drove in circles.

Eventually, someone decided to climb aboard the wayward farm machinery and try to stop the madness... but did they succeed ...

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Obviously they did not have the Autosteer set up properly.

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