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Our congratulations go out to Teresa and Martin Van Raay and the other participants in the creation of The Whole Pig. Their start-up enterprise, producing, processing and selling local pork from their farm direct to your home freezer has been recognized by a Premier’s Award for Excellence in Agrifood Innovation.

The creation of The Whole Pig was Teresa and Martin’s answer to tough conditions in the swine industry over the past few years, responding with high-quality, local, good-for-you pork products sold direct to consumers. Innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, yes, but a solid business model that complements and de-risks the mainstay of their family farm. We are left to wonder how they will take advantage of what they are learning from their relationships with consumers that they will use in their commodity business – stay tuned.

eBiz is pleased to have been involved in the genesis of www.thewholepig.ca – and particularly happy to have been able to sample the new company’s great products along the way.

Great work, Teresa and Martin!

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Congrats Teresa and Martin on the award and the success of the new business venture.

Take care,


Joe Dales

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