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Applications for AALP Class 16 Are Now Being Accepted


1) Review the AALP Class 16 Curriculum and ensure availability for all dates outlined on the schedule. 

2) Tuition for AALP Class 16 is $11,000, which represents approximately 1/3 of the cost for each class member to participate in the program. The balance is covered by generous funders, sponsors and fundraising activities. Tuition can be paid in two installments prior to April 15, 2016.

2) Only electronic applications will be accepted.

3) Applications are due before March 20, 2015 by email to rblack@ruralontarioinstitute.ca

4) Each applicant will submit at least three separate documents:

  • AALP Class 16 Application Form - Must be filled out by all applicants
  • Participant Commitment Form - Must be filled out by all applicants
  • Business Partner Commitment Form - Must be filled out by applicants who are self-employed (including primary producers). This form is not filled out by those employed by other organizations unless they are also self employed.
  • Employer Commitment Form - Must be filled out by applicants who are employed by someone else. This form is not filled out by those who are only self employed, unless they are also employed by someone else.

rblack@ruralontarioinstitute.ca or call 519-826-4204. 

Check out the AALP Blogs from Past Study Tours here: http://ontag.farms.com/profiles/blog/list?user=18fzegbusqa8s

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