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High Quality Soil Is The Beginning To High Quality Crops

Imagine harvesting a bumper crop, in perfect loose soil with no trash, clods or rocks.  Many would say that this will never be possible here in North America.  Northern Equipment Solutions is now offering the equipment and knowledge needed to take advantage of this tried and proven technology from Europe.  Improved shape, quality, size uniformity and yield are all now possible.

Many Farms within Europe have seen the benefits of soil conditioning and quad planting, with its improved yields and vastly superior saleable crop, with size uniformity and reduced greening. 

Your banker will love you by decreased damage from rocky soils on your equipment, it will last longer and you will no longer need the highly expensive stone separating harvesters.


High quality on stony and cloddy soils

Start to think about the harvest quality before planting: conditions for well shaped and evenly

grown potatoes without unwanted stones and clods is well prepared soil in the spring. Growers all over

Europe use the advantages of the 3-phase system – bedforming, separating and planting

in a bed system. For these eleven good reasons:

The advantages at cultivation

1. The potatoes are planted in 25–30 cm of loose soil. Because of the shaping and

Separating the usual soil cultivation is unnecessary.

2. Through the lifting and intense sieving of the soil it warms up by about one or two degrees

above the normal temperature and allows air in it at the same time.

3. Faster emergence of the potatoes because of ideal growing conditions in loose, trash

free and warm soil.

4. The precise planting of the seed potatoes and the high volume of soil in the ridges

reduce the risk of green potatoes.

5. The riding body behind the planting machine forms complete ridges, making the use

of ridging hiller or rotary hiller after planting unnecessary.

6. The bed technology with the fixed wheel tracks ensures that the area where the potatoes

grow will not be driven over or be compacted. This improves the watering of the plants

because of good long roots to the bottom as a basis for a higher yield.

The advantages at harvest

7. Visibly more saleable crop because of less green potatoes, less miss-shaped potatoes,

less smaller or bigger sized potatoes because of the even growing and less damage of

the potatoes because of clods and stones.

8. Dramatically reducing of the picking costs or even no picking costs at all.

9. More efficient harvesting because the soil is more easily sieved, making best use of

suitable weather conditions.

10. The use of a harvester with complicated separation systems on stony and cloddy soil and

with picking personal is not always necessary.

11. Lower maintenance and repair costs because of less wear from stones and clods and

consequently less down time during the harvest.


Top shape on all soils!

The first step of the separation system is to set up the beds. The shaping of the beds is a decisive first

working step. The track and bed width is determined  by this step. – Northern Equipment Solutions offers two basic models:

the large Bedformer of the Standard BX-series for use especially on medium to heavy soil with big stones and large amount of clods. The Convex BX-series for use on all soil as well as for smaller beds. The long side shapers keep the loose soil in the bed, preventing it for falling back into the furrow. Decide for

the exact shaped beds with even distances and clean, constantly deep furrows. Well prepared for

the following separation.

Solely potatoes: without stones, without clods!

The second step for high quality potatoes on stony and cloddy soils is optimum soil separation in the

beginning. Here begins the new generation of stone and clod separator. Northern Equipment Solutions products a new standard with the new innovation Standen Pearson Powavator for more power, separation quality and efficiency. The Uniweb 150 with 1,500 mm and the Uniweb 170 with 1,660 mm separation width persuades with its special combination of star roller and main webs. These innovations profit the user from several detailed solutions for more output and efficiency.


Good planting –the bed planter!

The third step – planting into separated beds. Various cup planter from the SP series as well as the

Quad planter from the SP series are available as bed planting machines. Your advantage: both series

use the loose soil for planting and shape the ridges in one step. You can rely on the power and reliability,

for planting – From Northern Equipment Solutions.

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