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Learn From The Cash Crop Farmers – Yield Monitors are a High Return on Investment for Veggies

Carrot/Onion/Potato and Sugar Beet growers can learn from their cash crop growing neighbours and gain the knowledge they have been seeing for years.

Yield monitors have long been only available for conventional cash crop growers, until now.  Innovative technology from Northern Equipment Solutions supplier Greentronics, now allows veggie growers to monitor/map and obtain vital yield data.

Growers can now visualize and gain the knowledge about problem areas, and about high yielding areas.  This task is often hard when operating a veggie harvester, as many tasks are being done at once.   Having yield maps when needed will allow growers to make more informed input decisions, perform trials and all while having concrete data, in map form.






















Learn how your irrigation, seed rates, fertilizer and soil fertility affects your yields, make educated decisions and increase your overall yields and profits.

To learn more about how yield mapping on your veggie harvest can improve your bottom line, please feel free to contact the author.

Paul Smith is the owner of Speciality Equipment Dealer NORTHERN EQUIPMENT SOLUTIONS,  who specialize in veggie equipment and provide set-up and trouble-shooting services for many brands of equipment including Standen Pearson, Double L, Ropa Potato Equipment, Bau-man Handling Equipment, Greentronics, Scott’s Potato Equipment, Fedele Transplanters, Pearson Automatic Transplanters, Top Air Onion Equipment,  Adams Fertilizer Equipment and Provides Field and Packaging Equipment Service.

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