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The Most Profitable Acre Challenge is back!

The Most Profitable Acre Challenge is back!


Corn and soybean farmers first competed for The Most Profitable Acre Challenge in 2012, and this year it is back in a new and improved format!


Why the Most Profitable Acre? 

A high yield doesn't always mean more profit. Business management practices and financial planning are key to seeing a return on investment. The Most Profitable Acre Challenge is designed to get you thinking strategically about your business to maximize efficiency and profitability! 


The Challenge: 

Are you business savvy? Have you made an effort to maximize the efficiency and profitability of your farm business? Did you plant corn or soybeans for the 2014 harvest? The Most Profitable Acre Challenge is for you! 


The challenge looks at your input costs, production practices, yield, sale prices, money management best practises, and more to name the Ontario farmer who harvested the most profitable acre of corn or soybeans. 


How it works:

To participate, you must register using this form before Nov. 23, 2014, and be available for two half-hour phone calls with an AMI staff member in December. During the initial phone call, you will be asked a set of 13 crop and business management related questions. The top applicants will be asked to participate in follow-up phone survey. All financial information will be kept confidential.


To be eligible for the Most Profitable Acre title, the participant’s field in question must be a minimum of 10 acres of the crop type submitted for evaluation (corn or soybeans), and the harvested plot must be a minimum of 1.5 acres of the same field. One entry is allowed per farm business per crop. The top four contestants will be required to provide receipts and other documentation to ensure accuracy of their results before the winner is determined. Please click here for a complete set of rules.


Who can participate?
  • Corn and soybean crop farmers in Ontario

The GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be awarded their choice of:

Each grand prize is valued at approximately $3,000. 


Second runner up:

Third runner up:

  • 16 GB Ipad with Retina Display
Key dates:
  • November 23, 2014: Registration deadline
  • November 25 – December 13: Evaluation phone surveys
  • January: Announcement of winners
  • March: Presentation of awards at the Grain Farmers of Ontario March Classic



The Most Profitable Acre Challenge is sponsored by: 


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