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With over half of Canada’s best farmland in Ontario, it’s no surprise that Ontario farmers own thousands of hectares of land. That land is used to grow the fruits, vegetables, grains and meats we eat every day.

In the past, farmers often grew a variety of different vegetables or raised many types of livestock all at once. This might have fed a few people, but likely did not go beyond a small community. Now, farmers usually specialize in one type of crop or livestock, so we know they are doing one thing really well. Not only that, but one Canadian farmer can now feed about 120 people for a whole year.

Modern farmers can feed far more people because technology has helped make their crops and farming techniques more efficient. This is important because our population is steadily increasing and more people demand more food.

However, there are also fewer farms every year and Ontario grocery stores import food from other provinces and countries, including items we grow here at home like apples and strawberries.

This leads to increased food prices and the transportation required to bring food across long distances has negative effects on the environment.

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Thank you to BASF for sponsoring breakfast. The next meeting will be June 4th at 7:30 am. If there are any suggestions on edits required to the minutes herein, how to improve the meeting, or topics to discuss if you cannot attend, please let Ian McDonald know.

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