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Cell phone stories - what do you like and what has worked or not worked for you? What tasks are you using your smart phones for?

I have been talking to alot of farmers and agribusiness people about cell and smart phones the past couple of months and getting feedback on what they like/dislike.  The guys here are Farms.com think that people will want more mobile access to information in the future so we are researching what the new technologies can deliver and what is practical in a farming environment.


Here is a bit of what I am learning so far:


LB (farmer) has a Blackberry (I think it was a Torch version) and uses it checking email and grain market prices during the day.  He thinks he will need a laptop computer with internet access in the pickup in the future to keep track of things during the spring and fall - not at the office as much...


AD farmer has a Blackberry and uses it mainly for email and as a cell phone.


iPhone:  I have played with one a couple of times the past few months, I think a durable case is a good idea because they are not made for harsh conditions.  I do like the apps and do like the ability to watch videos etc.  (BB can do that now as well) 


Blackberry: I have had one for the past 3 or so years and wondered what I did before...I am a heavy email user and do browse the web for information on mine...use a weather app for forecasts and check market prices on our http://mobile.farms.com site.


This is a little info from my discussions, let me know what you guys have as far as hardware and what info might be valuable to you on the go.




Joe Dales














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Hi Joe!

I am a recent Smart Phone user and not sure how I managed with out my BlackBerry before.  I have the new BB Bold and have been very happy with it so far. Before now I used a regular ole' cell phone, which are now being called "Talk and Text" phones. Having access to data plans and the ability to check my emails on the go really has made my down time more efficient. I had a hard time deciding between the iPhone or the BB, as the iPhone's screen is much larger and therefore the viewing size of text and images would be larger too. I did not know that the BB hard such great zoom features and many sites are made for mobile devices now, so navigating the sites are much easier. As for apps, I use the weather app all the time, it's in my favorite list and its the first thing I check in the morning. Next would be foursquare, an app based on GPS where you can "check in" at a place you are at and it records that location. It was really fun to use that one for a contest to check in at a location of their choice and win a prize. Using the farms.com mobile site is so easy to use and has been a great way to stay connected and learn lots of great information.

That's just a few thoughts on my new BlackBerry, and as you can tell... I love it!


I have a BB for email and weather app.

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