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Day 3: Visit to the Canadian Embassy and more

Our morning began with a great breakfast at the hotel followed by a speaker from ASOEX which is the Chilean Association of Fruit Exports. As a not for profit organization, they facilitate the export process, stimulate research and innovation and encourage industry training by defending the sectors interests, managing agreements, administration of inspection sites and opening new markets for producers. 

The Canadian Embassy then welcomed our class and provided a great overview of our strong relationship. Both Chile and Canada are like-minded and Chile’s first free trade agreement was with Canada. In 2014, Canada exported $1.1 billion in goods and imported $1.7 billion worth of goods from Chile. We learned that despite Chile's access to fresh fish and delicious wine, they prefer beef and beer!

We visited Fundacion, Chile which is a half public and half private entity where funds are split between the two sectors. They fuel the Chilean economy by supporting innovative up and coming businesses through marketing plans and access to angel investors. They provide value through creation of new businesses, facilitation initiatives (connecting people from different industries) and professional services. Success stories include the salmon and blueberry markets that export around the world.

At our last stop El Mercurio hosted us. El Mercurio is the oldest newspaper in Chile operating for over 40 years through many significant government and agronomic changes. They print a specialized magazine specifically relating to agriculture targeting investment, public and farmer awareness of global issues. Production technical issues are handled through a website.

We are excited for what tomorrow will bring. Thanks for following along.

-Class 15

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