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Growing Forward 2 Ontario Business Grants for Agricultural Businesses & Food Processors

Cambridge, Ontario (Marketwire- August 6, 2013)

In late June 2013, The Ontario government announced the details of their $417 million investment in Growing Forward 2. The 5-year provincial funding programs are complementary to the AgriInnovation and Agri-Marketing programs offered at the Federal level. The Ontario programs aim at improving business and leadership skills, helping small and medium-sized businesses from the agriculture sector adapt to climate change, develop markets and continue research and innovation activities through Ontario business grants.

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Ontario Small Business Grants for Producers, Processors, and Organizations & Collaborations

The provincially funded programs support three groups:

1. Ontario business grants for Processors

2. Ontario government funding for Organizations and Collaborations

3. Funding for Producers
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gf2-ontario business grants

Government Grants for Small Business Funding Details

Grant funding support is available via 2 streams:

The Capacity Building stream will fund up to 75% of project costs, accepting applications for projects under $20,000 on an ongoing basis, while assessing those over $20,000 on 3 scheduled dates between now and December 2013. Applicants are encouraged to apply for the Capacity Building stream before applying under the Project Implementation stream, but it is not mandatory.

The Project Implementation stream offers small business government grants of up to 75% of eligible costs and is capped at $3 million. The maximum amount of funding that any business or organization can receive from all Growing Forward 2 programs is $350,000 for any single farm business under both streams.

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