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Leading Technology Will Increase Your Yield and Decrease Your Labor Costs

Transplanting has long been re­served for leafy crops, tomatoes, and bare root onions. Automated planting technology now provides a cost ef­fective way to transplant produce from plugs grown in greenhouses for up to 30 percent increased yields and up to 50 percent lower labor costs.


Benefits of automated transplanting include:

• Greater general uniformity at har­vest time. This provides better yields, up to 30 percent overall.

• More exact spacing in compari­son to direct seed. Nearly any bed con­figuration and number of rows can be accommodated according to customer needs with the Standen Pearson AutoTransplanter, creating the proper growth area needed to produce a particular size of produce (from medium to jumbos).

• Guaranteed stand against wind, heat and general adverse weather con­ditions. The same cannot be said for direct seed stands.

• Lower seed use and costs ver­sus direct seed. When growers direct seed, a much higher seed population is needed to get a reasonable plant stand. This especially becomes a cost factor when hybrids, which are more expen­sive, are used.

• Faster turns and less potential disease pressure since plants spend less time in the ground.

• More efficient water manage­ment compared to direct seed. This is especially important for areas, such as the Californian Central Valley, in times of drought.

• Minimized labor costs due to the almost 50 percent decreased in labor needs. Hand transplanting for bare root can be very expensive.

• Greater overall assurance that a grower will successfully produce a crop.


The Pearson AutoTransplanter

The Pearson AutoTransplanter is an automated transplanting technology historically used for broccoli, romaine, and cel­ery. This technology has successfully expanded the use of the AutoTransplanter to other crops for more efficient field operations. Automated transplanting technology covers up to 25 percent more ground than with conventional transplanters.

Automated technology enables customers to transplant on virtually any bed configuration (as close as 2 inches) while minimizing labor costs and maximizing planting efficiency….

Labor needs for the Pearson AutoTransplanter  require only one tractor driver, and one laborer (in comparison to 12 laborers needed with conventional planters).


Transplanted produce started with seed breeders in order to facilitate seed crop production. The crops are then grown and strengthen to the proper size and are shipped and transplanted. Special chemical applications can be applied as a service to produce growing customers.



Northern Equipment Solutions Ontario, Canada is a full functioning dealer for Richard Pearson and their Automatic Transplanters www.northernequipment.ca or sales@northernequipment.ca

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