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What are the benefits of a automatic sprayer boom height control system

With 4 major manufacturers the automatic sprayer boom height control system, can provide you with a more uniform/effective application of your inputs, increase your productivity and remove the stresses of spraying.  High quality systems are available from Greentronics, Norac, Trimble and Raven.  Information is available at www.northernequipment.ca regarding Greentronics Riteheight, Norac and Trimble boom height systems.


Increase Your Productivity

For farm sprayer operators and custom sprayer applicators, speed can have a major impact on the bottom line.  Manual operation of a sprayer in uneven field terrain may require reduced operating speeds for the many boom adjustments. The ultrasonic sensors constantly measure the distance to the ground.  The distance to the ground coming from the sensors allows the boom height control  system to make responsive height adjustments to allow your booms to automatically follow the contours of the land.


More Efficient Use of Chemicals

The boom height control  system maintains the booms at an entered preset height. Regulating spray nozzles at the recommended height above ground/crop results in the optimum spray pattern to apply  chemicals evenly and reduce drift.


Remove the Worry and Stresses of Spraying

After many hours of moving their head from side to side checking boom height, the operator can feel completely worn out. It is not a natural motion for the human body.  The boom height control system frees the operator of the most demanding part of the job. This level of comfort and control makes the operator’s job more efficient and less stressful.


Spray Day or Night

The boom height control systems ultrasonic sensors have been compared to “eyes” as they monitor changes in the field terrain. These ‘sonar’ devices do not depend on light conditions to measure boom height. Extend working hours well into the night, and take advantage of low wind conditions to spray in any light condition.


Avoid Boom Damage & Down Time

The boom height control system takes over responsibility for monitoring field contours and making the constant boom adjustments.  This allows you to keep your eyes on the job and focused on proper coverage and safety.



Paul Smith is the owner of Northern Equipment Solutions and based in Central Ontario, Canada. Providing Quality Potato Equipment, Precision Agriculture and Other Advanced Equipment, Northern Equipment Solutions ensures that your profits and yields are maximized. www.northernequipment.ca or sales@northernequipment.ca

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Good points Paul.


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