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We rapidly seem to be heading for parity (again) for the Canadian and US dollars.... this is good if we are investing alot in equipment and imported tools... but if we are selling US$ based commodities, it will be tougher...

today we are less than 1.03 to 1....

who wants to guess a date and time that we reach Parity.......I am going to guess 2pm on Thursday Nov 12 TH

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October 30, 9:45 AM
December 5th 11:30 AM - if the Eastern Seaboard gets a cold snap. Otherwise not until 2010.
Any thoughts on the US dollar? versus other currencies? US dollar index charts below.

US dollar index dec

US dollar index weekly
Within a week, now that i have booked and prepaid my flights and accomodations to a US convention in feb '10.....;)
Now that we are at 99.8 cents - it seems parity is inevitable. Thanks to the lack of a cold snap on the Eastern seaboard, parity has been delayed. So much for a basis rally.
While there is a short term concern about various dimensions with $US parity, I question the long term stability of the $US.

The 'derivative bubble' has been "flat-lined" and on life support for the last year..... so it just begs the question when will the plug be pulled and the $US dollar collapses.?

Nov. 9, 2010?

Wayne Black said:
Now that we are at 99.8 cents - it seems parity is inevitable. Thanks to the lack of a cold snap on the Eastern seaboard, parity has been delayed. So much for a basis rally.

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