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800 trucks past by my place with accommodation for the thousands of military and law enforcement agenties. I heard on the news just the secruity is 1 billion dollars. You have to wonder what the rest of it will cost. At the end of it all what will the tax payer get, a part from the exchange ideas how to impose more taxes on the plebs that pay for it all. More secruity measures to combat terrorism at our airports, the patting down of more old ladies, dogs sniffing your cruch and longer waits at airports. Better finance systems so instead of three days to clear a cheque 7 days, I rember it use to take 24 hrs twenty years ago. New bank fees for counting your coins and managing your account or transfering money to pay bills.


Benefits for the farmer, trade agreements that impact your industry, that allow cheaper imports in. The list goes on.  A meet of world leaders, that can't fix up their own back yards, meeting to have a garage sale and chinwag.  New world order my foot.

You may say it promotes peace,understanding, and between nations, so is sending a christmas card, its cheaper.


Until governments can prove that the expense is worth it, to the end user the tax payer, that foot the bill for these media hype shows, that only attract demostrations for social democrate and radical fringe groups. But going from past performances I see little hope.

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For those who don't know what a Pleb is. It was a term used by the romans to discribe the lower class, above a slave. Who's only purpose was to be used to fill the ranks of the army in times of war and use to raised revenue. They were heavly taxed to keep them that way. The only two oppertions they had was either sell themselfs into slavery, to pay of their debts or join the Army.
I also heard they are spending a billion dollars on security.....for a few days of meetings?

The news cast said there are lots of activists from other countries planning to attend to try and disrupt the meetings...

Seems like a big distraction when there is so much work to be done in the world....
Hey Bristow:

Thanks for the Pleb definition....I might use that word in a sentence today...:)

Have a good one.

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