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I need some advice on my next smartphone. What do you have and like? Iphone, Android, Blackberry?

I am starting to look for a new smartphone. I need a phone that will sync with my office outlook calender and all my office contacts. I do a little internet browsing but not that much.  I like taking pictures and emailing them to myself for future use.

What do any Iphone users have to say, or should I look at an Android phone, or stay with new version of the Blackberry.

Any input would be appreciated, also what interesting things do you use your smartphone for, I am always interested to see what others have figured out.

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It really depends on the use.  Yo need to ask yourself questions like:

-is the device for integrating all my media

-is the device for just phone an email

-what type of desktop, tablet, or laptop platform am I using currently or going o be using in the future.  

-do i have enterprise server needs?


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AlKerslakeNov 28, 8:44pm via Mobile Web

@OntAg samsung and an otterbox a toigh to beat combo wondows compatible

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themobilefarmerNov 28, 7:35pm via TweetDeck

Phil phil phil....RT @Agridome: @OntAg Next smartphone....I don't have my 1st smartphone yet..... #agnerds

BLL141CBOTNov 28, 7:29pm via Twitter for Mac

The new iPhone with Siri is fantastic “@Agridome: @OntAg Next smartphone....I don't have my 1st smartphone yet.....”

AgridomeNov 28, 7:28pm via TweetDeck

@OntAg Next smartphone....I don't have my 1st smartphone yet.....


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