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AALP Class 14 North American Study Tour - July 9, 2012

After an exciting evening in Soho for some and the musical Chicago on Broadway for others, the group set out to experience the Bronx. Our first stop was to meet with Myra Gordon, the Executive Director of the Hunts Point Produce Market. The Hunts Point Produce Market sits on 113 acres of land and is one of the largest wholesale markets in the world.   It feeds 9% of the USA population which equates to 23 million people. The class had the opportunity to tour the facility and see firsthand how a fast-paced wholesale market operates. Class 14 ended the tour with the opportunity for questions with Myra about the operation of market. When asked about the changes in the type of produce seen through the market over the years, Myra indicated "the only thing people can bring from their home[land] is their taste buds". This is in reference to the changing ethnicity of the people of the USA.

After a delicious lunch at the market, the class boarded the bus and headed into Manhattan for a guided tour of the United Nations. Class 14 was divided into two groups, where we were shown the chambers of the Security Council and the General Assembly.  Our guides explained that the three pillars of the UN are Peace and Security, Economic and Social Development and Human Rights. Some interesting facts that we learned about the building and location of the UN were that the land was purchased and donated by the Rockefeller family and the beautiful entry doors were a gift to the UN from Canada.

Our UN experience ended with a passionate discussion with Kenza Robinson, the Executive Secretary UN-Water, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA). She explained how the UN has recently passed a resolution in Rio de Janeiro that 2013 will be the international year for water cooperation. This resolution is hoping to generate discussion between countries, that water and sanitation are a human right. After this discussion class 14 came away with a better understanding of the challenges that the UN faces.Secretary UN-Water, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA)
As the evening progressed some of class 14 headed back to Jersey, while some of the class were reluctant to give up the nightlife of Manhattan. Stay tuned for more adventures at our next stop, the home of the "Philly Cheesesteak".

Stefanie Bech-Hansen, Leanne Cheesmond, Jackie Kelly-Pemberton – Class 14

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